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    克鲁勃Kluberlub BE41-601,福斯RENOLIN UNISYN CLP220 全合成聚烯烃基极压齿轮油详细说明?。ㄤ?34次)
    克鲁勃Kluberfluid DH2-2200
    克鲁勃Kluberfluid DL2-2200
    克鲁勃Kluberlectric B42-72
    克鲁勃Kluberlectric KR46-102
    克鲁勃Kluberlub BE41-542
    克鲁勃Kluberlub BE41-601
    克鲁勃Kluberlub BE41-1501
    克鲁勃Kluberlub BE71-501
    克鲁勃Kluberlub BEM41-122

    RENOLIN UNISYN CLP 系列全合成聚烯烃基极压齿轮油。与矿物油完全相容,满足并超过DIN HC及ISO CKC等级,并取得FLENDER认可。
    RENOLIN CLP 系列高极压工业齿轮油。具有极强的极压抗磨和防腐蚀性能。符合美钢USS 224、美国齿轮制造商协会AGMA250.44及德国DIN 51517-3的规格。
    RENOLIN MR 系列齿轮箱磨合防锈油,具有极佳的抗极压,防腐防锈性能,可作为齿轮箱及机组的磨合油及防锈油。
    RENOLIN MR 10 Z被ZF公司推荐用于动力转向试验台测试用油。 


                             FUCHS (UK) PLC.
                                                                   New Century Street
     Product                                                       Hanley
     I N F O R M A T I O N                                         Staffordshire, ST1 5HU


    Heavy duty - EP - industrial gear oils of highest
    performance, outstanding extreme pressure
    characteristics and load carrying capacity

    Description (continued on page 2)                              Advantages / Benefits

    The RENOLIN CLP products are industrial gear oils of           *  Excellent corrosion protection
    the latest generation, having outstanding extreme
    pressure characteristics (EP/AW properties) and an             *  Low foaming, excellent air release
    extremely high load carrying capacity.  They are
    industrial gear oils with excellent demulsifying               *  Excellent demulsifying properties (water and
    properties which can be used in all types of enclosed
                                                                        water-containing fluids are separated fast)
    gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication
    systems.                                                       *  High oxidation resistance

                                                                   *  Extremely high load-carrying capacity,
    Specifications                                                      extreme pressure-, anti-wear performance

    The RENOLIN CLP oils meet and in many cases
    exceed the requirements:                                       *  Excellent bearing wear protection (under
                                                                        mixed friction conditions) – FE8
    * DIN 51 517-3 (2004): CLP
    * ISO 6743-6: CKC 

      *  Excellent protection from scuffing, excellent
    * ISO 12925-1: CKC
    * AISE 224                                                          wear protection - FZG

    * AGMA 9005/D94
    * David Brown S1 53.101                                        *  Excellent micropitting resistance in the load
    The products of the RENOLIN CLP series are                          stage and endurance test
    approved for example by:
                                                                   *  High Brugger wear protection
    * A. Friedrich Flender AG, Bocholt, Germany,
      Flender BA 7300, 01/2007, table A                            *  Excellent elastomer compatibility (static and
    * Bosch Rexroth: Lohmann und Stolterfoht,
      Witten, Germany
    * Müller Weingarten AG, Germany                                *  Good compatibility with
      DT 55 005, 10/2003
                                                                        paint materials

                        Health, Safety and Environment                                     October 2007 GDUK Page 1 of 6

                        Health, safety and environmental information is provided for this product in the relevant Safety Data Sheet. This provides guidance on
                        potential hazards, precautions and first-aid measures, together with environmental effects and disposal of used products.

                                                    The above information is supplied to the best of our knowledge and belief on the basis of the
                                                    current state-of-the-art and our own development work. Subject to amendment.

    上一产品: 美孚SHC XMP320合成齿轮油
    下一产品: 克鲁勃Kluberoil GEM 1-46、68、100、150、220、320、460、680
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