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    Materials Photo
    Update Time : 2019-12-31 View : 2441

    Chemical symbol: SC. The product is silvery white, generally distilled crystal block (fleshy wire) metal, and the ingot, sponge block or lens can also be button shaped, with clean surface.
    Application: widely used in electric light source, aerospace, electronic industry, nuclear technology, superconducting technology, etc. Alloy industry, fuel cell industry, nuclear industry, military industry, aerospace industry, lighting industry, catalysis industry
    [Specification]: 3N, 4N. Sc > 99.5%
    [physical characteristics]: spongy, a soft, silvery white transition metal, melting point 1541 ℃, boiling point 2831 ℃. Soluble in water, it can react with hot water and darken easily in air.
    At present, scandium metal has been used in laser materials (gdasc, ga2o12, GSGG, etc.), electric light sources (scandium sodium halogen lamp), alloys (ASC alloy, GSC alloy, structural components used in aerospace vehicles and ships, such as scandium plus neutron filter) and civil applications
    (GASC alloy cermet binder and advanced coating material: scb2 material is used for light time temperature alloy and electronic cathode components
    It has good application in the fields of mirror battery, scandium sodium halogen lamp, etc

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