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    Materials Photo
    Update Time : 2016-08-24 View : 8140

    GaAs GaAs solar cell chip - conversion efficiency: 40% 30%.

    GaAs belongs to the III-V compound semiconductor materials, which can match the gap with the solar spectrum is more suitable for high temperature resistance.
    Compared with silicon solar cells, GaAs solar cells have better performance.
    Comparison of GaAs cell and silicon photo cell
    1, photoelectric conversion rate:
    The forbidden band of GaAs is wider than that of silicon, which makes it better to match the spectral response and the space solar spectrum.
    The theoretical efficiency of silicon cell is about 23%, while the theoretical efficiency of single junction GaAs cell is 27%.
    The theoretical efficiency of the GaAs cell is more than 50%. The actual application efficiency of silicon in GaAs is about 18%, can reach 40%.
    2, resistance to temperature
    Conventionally, GaAs cell temperature resistance is better than the Guiguang battery, GaAs cell at the temperature of 250 DEG C can still be normal
    Work, but the silicon photovoltaic cells in 200 degrees has been unable to operate normally.
    Division I provide space for the battery and the ground with the battery power plant.
    1 Space: conversion efficiency is more than 30%
    2 ground: transfer efficiency of more than 40%
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