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    Update Time : 2016-08-24 View : 5874
    tungsten diselenide
    1, molecular formula: WSe2
    2, technology docking: the non wet process, does not contain any crystal water. The synthesis process: W+ 2mol Se 1mol = WSe2 1mol;
    3, test: ICP-MS (99.99% Purity: all impurity elements less than 100ppm);
    XRD: (peak symmetry);
    SEM: (scanning electron microscope);
    4, service: provide MSDS and practical protection measures (OSHA/PEL: 0.2 mg/m3; ACGIH/TLV: 0.2 mg/m3) to provide free samples;
    5, physical properties: the world's lowest thermal conductivity of the material
    Number: 12067-46-8 CAS;
    Specific gravity: 9.32 g/cc;
    Water solubility: insoluble;
    Appearance: black powder or block;
    Stability: stability;
    6, use: flexible thin-film solar cells;
    7. Purity: 99.99%;
    8, packing: bottle: 1Kg/ bottle, plus aluminum composite film vacuum packaging;
    9, particle size: according to customer requirements to provide ultra-fine powder, particles and so on.
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