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    germanium series
    Update Time : 2015-04-22 View : 4784

    Two germanium sulfide (GeS2)
    1, physical properties:
    White powder, the orthorhombic structure
    Density: 2.19g/cm3
    Melting point: 800 degrees.
    2, the synthesis process of high purity germanium: 1mol and 2mol of high purity sulfur melting in vacuum under high temperature and high pressure, the follow-up treatment after zone melting;
    3, the purity of 5N (99.999%):
    3, test: ICP-MS (impurity elements all less than 10ppm), XRD (no one due to the impurity phase);
    4, packing: three layers of vacuum packaging or argon protection;
    5, service: provide free samples, MSDS and practical protection measures;
    6, application: research, specifically unknown.

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