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    Gallium Series
    Update Time : 2014-06-12 View : 4476

    Formula: Ga
    Weight: 69.723
    Melting point (o C):. 29.76
    Boiling Point (o C, atmospheric pressure): 2403

    Gallium is a scattered metal, mainly used for compound semiconductors, such as gallium arsenide binary compound semiconductor (GaAs), gallium phosphide (GaF,), ternary compound semiconductor gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP), gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs ), indium gallium arsenic (GaInAs) and four yuan compound semiconductor indium gallium arsenic, antimony (GainAsSb) and so on. These are areas of gallium compound semiconductor optoelectronic technology, computer and other high-tech important base material, widely used in the manufacture LED, laser diodes, photodetectors, solar cells, microwave devices and ultra large scale integrated circuits.

    Gallium (chemical symbol: Ga) is chemical element 31 on the periodic table.

    Gallium is a metal, but is has some unusual properties. If it is held in a person's hand, it will melt. Gallium does not conduct electricity well, and is known as a semiconductor. That means gallium can be used in computers to make them work. It is very shiny, so it is used to paint mirrors when melted.

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