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    Simple substance
    Indium - Vacuum bags(1280x853)
    Update Time : 2014-05-16 View : 4668

    1,Physical characterAtomic Weight114.818

    Melting Pointmp156.61 Boiling Pointbp2080


    High Purity Indium

    In5 the content of Indium is above 99 999%.The total content of impurity element Ag,Al,As,Cd,Cu,Fe,Mg,Ni,Pb,Sn,T1,&Zn is bellow 10 ppm;

    Ultra Purity Indium

    In06the content of Indium is above 999999%.The total content 0f impurity element ofCd,cu,Fe,Mg,Pb,s,Si&Sn is bellow 1 ppm;

    Ultra High Purity Indium

    In07The content of Indium is above 9999999%.The total content of impurity element of Ag,Cd,Cu,Fe,Mg,NiPb&Zn iS bellow 0.1 ppm;

    3,Physical SizeRod,Ingot,Granule

    4,UsageIt is mainly used in the manufacture of IIIV compound semiconductor,high purity alloy,transistor base and as a dopant of Germanium&Silicon single crystal·

    5。PackingTo be sealed in composite foil bag under vacuum;

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