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    Simple substance
    Gallium - Vacuum Bottle
    Update Time : 2014-05-16 View : 4899
    Formula: Ga
    Weight: 69.723
     Characters: The liquid was silvery white, bluish-white solid state soft metal (orthorhombic).
     Melting point (o C): 29.76
     Boiling Point (o C, atmospheric pressure): 2403
    Storage: Store in a clean, dry, cool, acid, alkali atmosphere within the warehouse. Products during transportation should prevent rain and moisture, sun exposure. Not upside down and crash.
    Usage: used primarily as a gallium compound semiconductor such as gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, and the doping elements as germanium, silicon semiconductor. Also used gallium alloy, such as gallium vanadium, gallium, lithium, gallium and zirconium. Can be used as superconductors. And bismuth, zinc, lead can be made low-fluxing. Mainly for the production of high purity gallium GaAs, GaN, Gap and other compound semiconductor materials, superconducting materials, high purity alloy, reactor heat carrier. Also be used as single crystal silicon, single crystal germanium doping elements. Purity of 99.99999% (7N Ga) is mainly used for the manufacture of gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, gallium antimonide, and for producing an infrared LED devices. Purity of 99.999999% (8N gallium), mainly used for molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) manufacturing gallium source superlattices, quantum wells, the most advanced semiconductor devices. High-purity gallium permanent magnet materials can also be used as an additive, such as alloys. For manufacturing a compound semiconductor material and a high purity alloy.

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