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    Industry News
    New central enterprise, China rare earth group established
    Update Time : 2021-12-24 View : 533
    According to the CCTV financial client, China Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd. was officially established on December 23.
    China rare earth group is composed of two rare earth science and technology R &amp; D enterprises, including China Aluminum Group Co., Ltd., China Minmetals Group Co., Ltd. and Ganzhou rare earth group Co., Ltd., in order to realize the complementary advantages of rare earth resources and the coordinated development of rare earth industry, China Steel Research Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Youyan Technology Group Co., Ltd Large rare earth enterprise group established according to the rule of law.
    The established China rare earth group is a diversified central enterprise under the direct supervision of the SASAC of the State Council. The ownership structure is: the SASAC of the State Council holds 31.21%; Chinalco, China Minmetals Corporation and Ganzhou rare earth group Co., Ltd. hold 20.33% respectively; China Steel Research Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Youyan Technology Group Co., Ltd. hold 3.90% respectively. The establishment of China rare earth group is a beneficial exploration and attempt by Chinalco, China Minmetals Group and Ganzhou rare earth group based on their own development needs and adapting to the development law of the industry.
    The establishment of China rare earth group is an inevitable requirement to follow the historical development law of rare earth industry. Throughout the development process of rare earth industry, in the early stage of development after savage growth, rare earth industry will embark on the road of merger and reorganization and intensive development. Since 2003, China's rare earth industry has experienced three formal integration. Although the disorderly development situation of "small, scattered, chaotic and weak" of rare earth enterprises has improved, it has not been able to meet the requirements of high-quality development. China's rare earth enterprises will also follow the law of market development, move towards the intensive development stage of merger and reorganization, eliminate backward and realize the optimal allocation of resources in the market.
    The establishment of China rare earth group is an urgent need for the green development and transformation of rare earth industry. China is a big supplier of rare earth raw materials. The rapid development of rare earth has caused many historical problems. Green and low carbon is the future development trend. The "double carbon" goal is China's solemn commitment to the world. Realizing the requirements of the "double carbon" goal and accelerating the green development and environmental protection of ionic rare earth mines in the South have become the key to the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. Rare earth enterprise group can better integrate resources, overall coordination, scientific planning, unified implementation, scientific and technological innovation and coordination, and provide a solid foundation for promoting the gradual solution of relevant problems.
    The establishment of China rare earth group is the objective need for the high-quality development of rare earth industry. Under the new development pattern, the enterprise group operation and intensive development of rare earth is conducive to the systematic and in-depth study of the basic characteristics and elemental characteristics of rare earth, increase scientific research investment, improve the added value of rare earth terminal products, and provide technical support for the high-quality development of rare earth industry; It is conducive to improve the R &amp; D and application capacity of new rare earth processes, new technologies and new materials, undertake tackling common and difficult problems in the rare earth industry and carry out forward-looking research, and improve the resource transformation efficiency and development achievements in high-end application fields; It is conducive to solving the problems restricting the high-quality development of rare earth enterprises, such as the imbalance of rare earth industry chain structure, the serious lag in the development of rare earth deep processing, the application and promotion of new technologies and new products, further unblocking the communication and connection between the upstream and downstream of rare earth industry chain and different fields, integrating innovative resources, forming innovative forces, and accelerating the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, Promote high-end applications to a new level, and better ensure the quality upgrading of traditional industries and the development of strategic emerging industries.
    China rare earth group will focus on the scientific and technological R &amp; D, exploration and development, separation and smelting, intensive processing, downstream application, complete sets of equipment, industrial incubation, technical consulting services, import and export and trade business of rare earth, and strive to build a world-class rare earth enterprise group with global competitiveness.
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    Aluminum Corporation of China Limited:
    According to the official website, Chinalco Group Co., Ltd. was established on February 23, 2001 and changed its name from Chinalco to its current name on December 16, 2017. Chinalco is an important state-owned backbone enterprise directly managed by the central government, mainly engaged in mineral resource development, non-ferrous metal smelting and processing, related trade and engineering technical services. At present, Chinalco is the world's largest supplier of alumina and electrolytic aluminum. The comprehensive strength of copper industry ranks first in China. It is one of the large rare earth enterprise groups recorded by relevant national departments, It is the largest lead-zinc enterprise in Asia. At present, the group has 68 backbone enterprises, with businesses in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. The group's total assets are 640 billion yuan, with an operating revenue of more than 300 billion yuan in 2018. It has continuously ranked among the world's top 500 enterprises since 2008. Six holding subsidiaries of the group have been listed at home and abroad.
    China Minmetals Group Co., Ltd.:
    According to the official website, China Minmetals Group Co., Ltd Minmetals (hereinafter referred to as China Minmetals) is formed by the strategic reorganization of two former world top 500 enterprises, China Minmetals and MCC. It is an important state-owned backbone enterprise with metal minerals as the core business and directly managed by the central government. It is a pilot enterprise of state-owned capital investment company. In 2020, its operating revenue was 703.9 billion yuan. It ranked 65th among the world top 500 in 2021 and is headquartered in Beijing. It has 9 listed companies By the end of 2020, the total assets of the company were 983 billion yuan.
    Ganzhou rare earth group Co., Ltd.:
    According to the official website, Ganzhou rare earth group Co., Ltd. was established in November 2010 with a registered capital of 2.073 billion yuan and a total asset of more than 10 billion yuan. It is one of the large state-owned enterprise groups directly under Ganzhou municipal government. The company owns more than 70 wholly-owned, holding and joint-stock companies, such as China Southern rare earth group, Ganzhou industrial investment group and Ganzhou rare earth Mining Co., Ltd. The company's business covers rare earth, rare metals and financial assets. Among them, the rare earth sector, with China Southern rare earth group as the core, is mainly engaged in rare earth raw ore mining, rare earth smelting and separation, comprehensive recovery and utilization of rare earth, rare earth intensive processing and application, rare earth product trade, rare earth application R &amp; D and technical services; The rare metal plate is mainly engaged in the development and utilization of tungsten, fluorite, lead-zinc and other mineral resources; The financial assets sector is mainly engaged in the investment and management of rare earth, tungsten and other rare metals, fund investment and management, operation and management of rare metal trading platform, etc.
    According to Xinhua news agency, rare earth is a non renewable resource, known as the "vitamin" of modern industry. Rare earth elements are widely used in modern industrial fields such as metallurgy, petrochemical, optics, laser, hydrogen storage, display panel, magnetic materials and so on. Especially with the continuous progress of the world scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, the application scope of rare earth elements is further expanded, and its strategic value and significance will become more prominent.
    On October 20 this year, at the press conference on the economic operation of central enterprises in the first three quarters of 2021, Peng Huagang, member of the Party committee and Secretary General of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, introduced that in terms of professional integration, with the goal of strengthening and refining business, taking advantageous enterprises as the main body and taking the industrial system reform in relevant fields as an opportunity, through free transfer, paid acquisition, joint-stock cooperation, etc, Vigorously promote the professional integration of rare earth, logistics and other fields, effectively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through the optimal allocation of resources, and build a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness.

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