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    ?? : 2021-08-31 ?? : 1020
    On August 20, 2021, hjt's whole industry chain ecosystem gathered at Marriott Shanghai tomorrow for the first time.
    Solarzoom's event gathered mainstream enterprises in the whole industry chain of hjt and key institutional investors in the mainstream capital market, with more than 500 participants, the largest number in the history of hjt industry chain.
    For the development of hjt industry, this meeting has the following far-reaching historical significance:
    (1) The first summit of hjt industrial chain after realizing low-cost commercialization
    Hjt industrial chain has started low-cost commercial mass production since March 2021. Anhui Huasheng 500MW project has entered the production stage after 5 months of commissioning. At present, the capacity utilization rate has reached 85%, the average efficiency of mass production has reached 24.2%, and the yield has exceeded 98%.
    This conference is the first activity after the completion of Anhui Huasheng 500MW project, and comprehensively released the daily output, average efficiency, yield, cost and other data of low-cost mass production line.
    (2) The key role of hjt industrial chain in accelerating carbon neutralization in 2040 is comprehensively put forward
    The conference comprehensively demonstrated the feasibility, necessity and sufficiency of "accelerating carbon neutralization in 2040", and put forward:
    a) Accelerating carbon neutralization in 2040 will become a historical necessity,
    b) The third generation energy based on "solar hydrogen storage + electrification + hydrogen energy substitution" will be the optimal solution to accelerate the realization of carbon neutralization in 2040,
    c) Around 2035, the newly installed capacity of domestic PV is expected to reach 900gw, and the newly installed capacity of global PV is expected to reach 2000gw,
    d) Hjt industrial chain will play a role of more than 40% in the national 10 billion ton carbon emission reduction process.
    (3) Officially announce that the 1000x hjt track has entered the "right side" with mature technology and commercialization
    The conference comprehensively proposed a 1000 times hjt track, of which: photovoltaic hjt technology comprehensively replaced perc technology, providing 100 times of growth, and "scenery hydrogen storage" comprehensively replaced "kerosene gas", providing more than 15 times of growth. Based on the above two aspects, the average annual compound growth rate of hjt industrial chain will reach about 70% from 2022 to 2034.
    In view of the fact that the low-cost commercial mass production project of hjt has entered the "production state" supported by data in mid-2021, and the preparation of 100gw hjt supply chain has been fully completed and there are no substantive obstacles, the conference announced that 1000 times of hjt track has entered the "right side" of mature technology and commercial establishment.
    The delegates attended the meeting on battery technology (Anhui Huasheng), hjt battery equipment (Maiwei Co., Ltd.), high-precision serial welding equipment (altway), silicon material and pull rod (Zhonghuan Co., Ltd.), 120 μ M ultra-thin 210 half slice (gaotest Co., Ltd.), n-type high-purity thermal field (Jinbo Co., Ltd.), slurry and silver coated copper powder (Tyco Co., Ltd.), target and indium metal, chemicals, EPE and non main grid adhesive film (Saiwu Technology), and the reliability of hjt Technology (TUV Nande); Diamond glass and Qianshi Zhongyou fund discussed why they chose hjt from the perspective of newly entering industrial capital and primary market financial capital.
    (4) Completely open the bridge between industrial capital and financial capital in the field of hjt
    The following hjt industrial enterprises participated in the hjt Summit Forum:
    a) Equipment: Maiwei Co., Ltd., Jinchen Co., Ltd., Jinshi energy, ideal wanlihui, altway, Jingsheng Electromechanical,
    b) Battery components: Anhui Huasheng, diamond glass, Trina Solar, Jingao technology,
    c) Silicon wafer: gaotest Co., Ltd., Zhonghuan Co., Ltd., Shuangliang energy saving,
    d) Auxiliary materials: Jinbo Co., Ltd., TECO Co., Ltd., Saiwu technology,
    e) Certification body: TUV South Germany.
    The following financial institutions participated in the hjt Summit Forum:
    a) Brokerage: Soochow securities,
    b) Public funds: e Fangda, huitianfu, Huaxia, GF, Nanfang, Fuguo, harvest, BOCOM Schroeder, Cathay Pacific, Hua'an, Boshi, Yinhua, Dongfanghong, etc,
    c) Insurance funds: China Life Insurance, Taikang assets, Taiping assets, Yingda insurance, social security fund, etc,
    d) Private equity funds: Gao Yi assets, Biyun capital, etc.
    It can be said that this conference has completely opened up the top industrial participants of hjt and the top capital participants of hjt, which will provide great support for the subsequent rapid cost reduction of hjt industrial chain. With the tacit cooperation between industry and capital, hjt industrial chain will accelerate the grand cause of 2040 carbon neutralization!
    (5) The hjt index of solarzoom new energy think tank has officially become the core index to track the hjt industry
    The month before the conference, the hjt index of solarzoom new energy think tank entered an accelerated upward state. As of August 13, 2021, the hjt index had risen from 100 points to 652 points. The hjt index outperformed Shenwan PV index by more than 230 percentage points.
    On the day before (August 19), the day after (August 20) and the day after (August 23), hjt index outperformed Shenwan PV index by 3.1%, 5.0% and 6.0% respectively. As of the close on August 23, the hjt index of solarzoom new energy think tank has risen to 736 points.
    The hjt index of solarzoom new energy think tank will become the core index for comprehensively tracking the industrial boom on the industrial and financial sides of the hjt industrial chain!
    (6) The technological progress in all links of photovoltaic manufacturing has thus entered an era driven by "hjt technology"
    From 2010 to 2020, the main technological changes and excess returns of the photovoltaic manufacturing industry focused on the silicon chip link. With the "polycrystalline replacing single crystal" and "single crystal replacing polycrystalline", there were two technological changes in the whole industry chain.
    Starting from 2020, the main technological changes and excess returns of the photovoltaic manufacturing industry will focus on the cell link. With the development of the process of "hjt replacing perc", the cell equipment, module equipment, silicon chip equipment, slicing process, module process, slurry, adhesive film, thermal field and other links will carry out technical iteration in an all-round way. Companies that can comply with hjt technology will have the opportunity to fully realize curve overtaking, and companies that resist, hinder or are unable to follow the trend of hjt may face great risks.
    At the conference, in addition to the key technical directions of microcrystallization, half rod and half piece, impurity absorption, silver clad copper, smbb and other key technical directions proposed by representatives of hjt battery core equipment and process links such as Maiwei Co., Ltd., Anhui Huasheng, diamond glass, etc., Gaoce Co., Ltd. cut the silicon wafer based on adjustable shaft spacing to 120 μ The 210 half piece of M provides a solution (its products are also displayed at the conference). TECO has strengthened the research and development of low-temperature slurry and silver coated copper powder in line with the hjt trend. Saiwu technology has introduced high viscosity EPE and non main grid bearing film in line with the hjt trend. Altway has launched high-precision series welding equipment in line with the hjt trend, and Jinbo has launched high-purity n-type thermal field products in line with the hjt trend.
    (7) Photovoltaic manufacturing has entered a decade of "power generation cost reduction"
    When photovoltaic manufacturing enters the decade of "power generation cost reduction", hjt technology will obtain a sales premium of more than 0.30 yuan / W due to the advantage of 3-12% power generation per w in the whole life cycle. In the past, the mainstream public opinion of photovoltaic manufacturing industry only focused on the reduction of production cost and the improvement of efficiency, but never paid enough attention to the cost reduction of power generation.
    However, at this conference, not only solarzoom new energy think tank comprehensively put forward the concept of "cost reduction of power generation", but also explained in detail the sales premium brought by efficient and high power generation (0.024 yuan / W premium for every 1% efficiency increase and 0.046 yuan / W premium for every 1% power generation increase); Anhui Huasheng also provided empirical data from customers in the Middle East: in July 2021, the power generation of hjt double-sided components exceeded perc double-sided components by about 8%, and exceeded perc single-sided components by about 20%; Diamond glass also proposed to comprehensively compare the power generation performance of hjt components and perc components in the subsequent 300MW project of ouhao group.
    Therefore, the photovoltaic manufacturing industry will enter a decade of "reducing the cost of power generation". The empirical data of power generation based on different projects around the world will fully support the cost performance advantage of hjt.
    Based on the above seven aspects, on August 20, 2021, the hjt whole industry chain ecosystem has completed the first assembly in the history of hjt technology development! How will the future of hjt industrial chain move from the era of technology R &amp; D to the era of commercial mass production, how to develop rapidly, healthily and sustainably, and continue to promote its comprehensive substitution for perc technology, promote the comprehensive substitution of the third generation energy for the second generation energy, and accelerate the realization of carbon neutralization in 2040?
    Count the romantic figures and look at the present!
    Author: solarzoom
    Source: Research Summary
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