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    Company News
    GaAs single crystal substrate
    Update Time : 2020-06-17 View : 1739

    Manufacturer brand of GaAs B single crystal substrate_ Shenzhen Pan American Metal Co., Ltd. welcomes customers to call us for consultation and negotiation of transactions, 18928450898
    GaAs [1] is an important compound semiconductor material, which is used to make microwave integrated circuit, infrared light-emitting diode, semiconductor laser [2], infrared detection [3] and solar cell. GaAs single crystal substrates are also used to prepare nanostructured GaAs structures, such as GaAs nanowire array [4], GaAs nano cone array [5].
    Growth method
    Vertical gradient solidification (VGF) LEC HB
    crystal structure
    zinc blende structure 
    Lattice constant (nm)
    zero point five six five three
    Crystallographic orientation
    Doping degree
    Dopant element
    Zn doping
    Si doping
    Conductive type
    Semi insulating
    Band gap (EV)
    One point four
    Resistivity (Ω· cm)
    Mobility (cm2 / (V · s))
    Carrier concentration (/ cm3)
    Dislocation density (EPD) (/ cm2)
    2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch substrates can be customized with special directions and sizes according to customer requirements
    Single, double or cutting
    Thickness (UM)
    TTV (Total ThicknessVariation)
    TIR (Total IndicatedReading)

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