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    Industry News
    Investment value of strategic rare metals investment purchase of physical rare metals strategic metals rare metals look for Shenzhen Pan American Metals Co., Ltd
    Update Time : 2019-11-29 View : 2050

    Strategic metals (Strategic rare metals): refers to a large number of metals used in military manufacturing industry, which plays a crucial role in national defense construction. Rare metals such as indium, germanium, gallium, tellurium, bismuth, selenium, tungsten, antimony, molybdenum, tin, cobalt, nickel and rare earth are of great strategic significance and indispensable for the development and consolidation of national defense.
    Strategic precious metal value:
    Rare metal elements are widely used in industry due to their excellent physical and chemical properties and electrical properties. Because of their characteristics of "less, small, refined and wide", they are called "industrial vitamins". Rare metals are closely related to the development of modern high-tech, especially in the military field. It can be said that without them, even if the technology is advanced, it is difficult to produce advanced weapons and equipment. Rare metals are widely used in military industry, civil industry and high technology.
    Indium, the global reserve is 1 / 10 of gold, but the current price is only 1 / 200 of gold.
    Indium (in) is a rare metal with global strategic position. The reserves of indium resources in China account for more than 80% of the world. As the raw materials of low melting alloy, bearing alloy, semiconductor and electric light source, indium is widely used in the high-tech fields such as electronic industry, aerospace, alloy manufacturing, new solar cell materials, etc., and plays an extremely important strategic role in the fields of communication, electronics, national defense, etc. In particular, it has a bright future in the application of copper indium gallium selenium thin film solar cells and LED energy-saving light sources. The demand for indium is increasing at an annual growth rate of more than 30%. And the reserves can only support several years. Indium is a rare and irreplaceable strategic metal resource. In recent years, the price of indium has fallen to a historical low, which is seriously underestimated. With the increase of world reserves, production demand and investment, it is likely to double the soaring growth trend.
    Germanium, the global reserve is 1 / 20 of gold, but the current price is only 1 / 30 of gold.
    It has a wide range of important applications in semiconductor, aerospace measurement and control, nuclear physical detection, optical fiber communication, infrared optics, solar cells, chemical catalysts, biomedicine and other fields, and is an important strategic resource. It also has the property of long-term value preservation and appreciation.
    rare earth
    Rare earth is known as "gold" in industry. Because of its excellent physical properties, such as photoelectric and magnetic properties, it can form new materials with different properties and varieties with other materials. Its most significant function is to greatly improve the quality and performance of other products. For example, the tactical performance of steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and titanium alloy used to manufacture tanks, airplanes and missiles will be greatly improved. Moreover, rare earth is also a high-tech lubricant for electronics, laser, nuclear industry, superconductivity and so on. Once rare earth technology is used in military, it will inevitably bring a leap forward in military technology. In a certain sense, the U.S. military's backward control in several local wars after the cold war is due to the superman in the field of rare earth science and technology. Rare earth elements have been widely used in electronic, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery, energy, light industry, environmental protection, agriculture and other fields. The application of rare earth can produce fluorescent materials, rare earth metal hydride battery materials, electric light source materials, permanent magnetic materials, hydrogen storage materials, catalytic materials, precision ceramic materials, laser materials, superconductive materials, magnetic cooling materials, magneto-optical storage materials, optical fiber materials, etc.
    Gallium is a gray blue or silver white metal. It is used in industry to manufacture semiconductors such as gallium nitride, gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide and germanium doping elements. Gallium materials are used in 4G / 5G smart phone wireless communication, optical fiber communication, automobile electronics and other fields, which are very important materials. With the rapid development of wireless communication, optical fiber communication, automotive electronics and other fields, the demand for GaAs devices and circuits has increased dramatically, and the demand for semi insulating GaAs is promising.
    Tellurium formula te molecular weight 127.6
    Tellurium is a silvery white metal. Tellurium and its compounds are used as semiconductor materials, catalysts, etc. ultrapure tellurium single crystal is a new type of infrared material.
    Bismuth foreign name bismouth element symbol Bi atomic weight 208.9.
    Bismuth has a series of excellent properties, such as high specific gravity, low melting point, volume expansion and shrinkage during solidification, etc., especially its non toxicity and non carcinogenicity make it have many special uses. Bismuth is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, aerospace, medicine and other fields.
    Selenium chemical formula se molecular weight 78.9
    Selenium is a nonmetal. It can be used as photosensitive material, catalyst of electrolytic manganese industry, essential nutrient element of animal body and beneficial nutrient element of plant.
    Wolfram element symbol W atomic weight 183.8
    Tungsten is silvery white and glossy metal. It can be used to make guns, nozzles of rocket propellers, armour piercing bullets, metal cutting blades, drills, superhard molds, wire drawing dies, etc. tungsten is widely used in machinery, construction, transportation, electronics, military industry, aerospace, science and technology, and various industrial fields.
    Stanum Sn molecular weight 118.7
    Tin is silvery white luster metal, tin is the fourth precious metal arranged behind platinum, gold and silver. It is lustrous, nontoxic, not easy to oxidize and discolor, and has a good sterilization, purification and fresh-keeping effect. In daily life, it is often used for food preservation, anticorrosive film of inner layer of can, etc.
    Antimony: English name antimonysb molecular weight 121.7
    Silver white, shiny, hard and brittle metal, 60% antimony is used to produce flame retardant, and 20% antimony is used to make alloy materials, sliding bearings and welding agents in batteries.
    Cobalt chemical formula co molecular weight 58.9
    Cobalt is a shiny steel gray metal, with a

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