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    Industry News
    Rare metals in real time to appreciate the opportunity to invest
    Update Time : 2016-12-15 View : 68011
    During the period of 2014~2016 rare metal indium market has several years of decline, has stabilized recovery. In 2016 a couple of coke (coke coke) black thread as the representative of the soaring market temporarily after a period of non-ferrous metal after the half force. Far more than expected to ignite the market to ignite the commodity market optimism. Dormant for several years the small metal varieties at the end of 2016 announced the return of the king. Remember that in 2011 1000% of the rare earth metal shot. Small metals do not rise has been a rise on the crazy! This is a rare metal investment opportunities for hunters!
    Some rare metals severely oversold, maintain the bottom has been for several years, but the value and importance of rare metal indium did not change; indium prices have fallen to the lowest level in ten years, the value has been seriously underestimated, the lower the current price of indium investment risk coefficient is low, the investment value of the late more prominent; the future market of CIGS thin film power technology potential over 10 trillion, in building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) field has a huge market potential. With the The Belt and Road investment, the central bank lowered the reserve market liquidity, rare metal value will return to a reasonable value, scarcity of indium is irreplaceable to promote its reasonable value of at least $2000~3000 per kilogram, the reasonable value of germanium in 5000~6000 dollars per kilogram. Rare metal investment, indium investment opportunities, will become the most current investment security value, the value of investment and financial management. Investors can choose to buy kind of rare metal investment, indium and germanium, gallium and rare earth investment, rare metal investment market in the future or will have doubled up, rare metal physical investment! Physical spot indium investment, physical spot germanium investment, physical spot gallium investment, physical spot bismuth te investment, physical spot rare earth investment is worth the attention of investors.
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