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    Supply Gallium oxide 2021-12-24
    More precious than rare earth? The United States relies heavily on imports, and China's reserves are far ahead of the world 2021-12-24
    New central enterprise, China rare earth group established 2021-12-24
    SASAC shot! Important resources attracting global attention usher in a great opportunity for value revaluation 2021-11-05
    Rare earth prices stand at an all-time high, and upstream and downstream companies in the industrial chain actively respond 2021-11-05
    $700 billion to semiconductors 2021-11-05
    Why did the Japanese media worry about China's restructuring of rare earth assets 2021-11-05
    Why did the price of indium hit a three-year high? 2021-08-31
    The first assembly of hjt whole industry chain ecosystem 2021-08-31
    25.26%! Anhui Huasheng once again refreshed the highest record of heterojunction battery efficiency! 2021-08-31
    Limit indium! Indium prices soared 43% a week 2021-08-31
    The first year of investment has come! Photovoltaic hjt technology may have entered the "right side" of low-cost commercial mass production with high certainty 2021-08-30
    Guangdong shock release! Semiconductor heavyweight policy: development of the whole industry chain 2021-08-30
    Development status and cost analysis of hjt battery technology 2021-08-30
    Analysis on market supply and demand of gallium nitride (GAN) industry in China in 2021 2021-08-30
    The United States has approved the supply of automotive chips to China: 5g chip license has not been approved 2021-08-30
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