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    About us
    About us

    Shenzhen FanMei strategic metal resources co., LTD. Is a capital strength company that  focus on the development and sales and investment of strategic metals rare and rare earth metal technology. FanMei strategic metals on its own resources, deep industry background of innovation strategy theory.We warmly welcome people from all walks of life to discuss cooperation, FanMei is willing to work with you to develop the financialization of   rare metals . We could be the leadership of Private reserve of rare metals, We hope we can share the glory and the great return of the dream with you and waiting for you to join us .

    The supreme management idea of FanMei strategy is creating great value as returns for every partner. FanMei strategy develops and manages metal elemental products, metal compounds and high purity metal, focus on the cutting-edge technology and the technology in the future. Innovatiing value, environmental protecting technology, strategic thinking is our core concept

    Main products : Contains 2N-4N-5N-7N-9N series.
    Elemental : indium(In), germanium(Ge), gallium(Ga), bismuth(Bi), antimony(Sb), stannum(Sn), tellurium(Te) , selenium(Se), praseodymium(Pr) , neodymium(Nd), terbium(Tb), europium(Eu), nickel(Ni),wolfram(W), rhenium (Re), molybdenum (Mo), palladium(Pa) , rhodium(Rh)
    Metal compounds:
    Cadmium telluride(CdTe) ; indium antimonide(InSb) ; zinc telluride(ZnTe) ; plumbous telluride(Indium antimonide (InSb), indium trichloride anhydrous (InCl3), indium chloride anhydrous (InCl), anhydrous gallium trichloride (GaCl3), thin-film solar cells and optical glass for - cadmium telluride (CdTe ), lead telluride (PbTe), zinc telluride (ZnTe), tellurium dioxide (TeO2),
    Cadmium sulfide (CdS), lead sulfide (PbS), trisulfide gallium (Ga2S3), germanium disulfide (GeS2), zinc sulfide (ZnS), tin sulfide (SnS), three indium sulfide (In2S3), cadmium selenide (CdSe), three gallium selenide (Ga2Se3), copper selenide (CuSe),
    Three indium selenide (In2Se3), lead selenide (PbSe), germanium selenide (GeSe), sodium selenide (Na2Se), bismuth selenide (Bi2Se3), copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS)-based material, high-purity antimony (5N-7N)

    Copyright © 2021 FanMei Strategic Metal Resources Ltd. Shenzhen record / license number: ICP No. 14030609