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    Physical price of strategic rare metal investment
    Real metal investment quotation
    InP Single Crystal
    Indium arsenide InAs
    InSb single crystal substrate
    GaAs single crystal substrate
    Supply of GaAs B single crystal substrate
    GaN crystal substrate
    Gallium phosphide (GAP) crystal substrate, single crystal chip
    Supply SC high purity metal scandium ?
    Scandium oxide 3n4n5n Sc 2 Oscandium oxide rare earth metal high purity scandium oxide scandium trioxide supplied by the manufacturer

    Industry News More >>
    Rare metals in real time to appreciate the opportunity to invest
    During the period of 2014~2016 rare metal indium market has several years of decline, has stabilized recovery. In 2016 a couple of coke (coke coke) black thread as the representative of the soaring ma [ More ]
    Why did the price of indium hit a three-year high? 2021-08-31
    The first assembly of hjt whole industry chain ecosystem 2021-08-31
    25.26%! Anhui Huasheng once again refreshed the highest record of heterojunction battery efficiency! 2021-08-31
    Limit indium! Indium prices soared 43% a week 2021-08-31
    The first year of investment has come! Photovoltaic hjt technology may have entered the "right side" of low-cost commercial mass production with high certainty 2021-08-30
    Guangdong shock release! Semiconductor heavyweight policy: development of the whole industry chain 2021-08-30
    Development status and cost analysis of hjt battery technology 2021-08-30
    Analysis on market supply and demand of gallium nitride (GAN) industry in China in 2021 2021-08-30
    The United States has approved the supply of automotive chips to China: 5g chip license has not been approved 2021-08-30
    Analysis on factors and influence of price fluctuation of magnetic raw materials 2021-08-30
    Antimony: photovoltaic metal, new five years 2021-08-30
    China us rare earth war started quietly 2021-08-30
    Metal gallium, the key material for chip manufacturing! China has the largest reserves in the world, and Europe and the United States also need to import a large amount 2021-07-31
    Company Profile More >>

    Shenzhen FanMei strategic metal resources co., LTD. Is a capital strength company that  focus on the development and sales and investment of strategic metals rare and rare earth metal technology. FanMei strategic metals on its own resources, deep industry background of innovation strategy theory.We warmly welcome people from all walks of life to discuss cooperation, FanMei is willing to work with you to develop the financialization of   rare metals . We could be the leadership of Private reserve of rare metals, We hope we can share the glory and the great return of the dream with you and waiting for you to join us .

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